I am also a maker :)I am also a maker :) I am also a maker :)

Quick demo (2010~2016 in BMO)

Some quick review of my works in between 2010~2016. Most are online training courses in HTML/CSS/XML/Flash, Capativate and Articulate Storyline.

Fresh Meatball - 3D

Just simply grab John's demo and replace the meat texture.
Don't blame me for simulate this, Hay! It's your choice to not see it.

FLAR + PV3D Experimental

Just a simple demo I recorded for Augmented Reality Applications in FLASH. It may applied on many business strategies. I haven't really seen any WOW projects that applied for this technology, YET! However, search FLAR on Youtube and you might find tons of interesting stuff there!

PV3D Deco Doll

Using FlashDeveloper to develop SWF only without FLASH.
You may drag the doll and try hit the KEY 0~9 and Q,A,W etc to see the expression and action of the doll.


Print the PATTERN and place it in front of your webcam to try out how FLASH can connect to your real life.

PV3D Modeling

Hold "SHIFT" key to move camera further around.
Click anywhere on screen and dialogue box will pop up to upload your own photo in 3D scene.
Click the lower button to upload the image and picture in the frame will be changed.

PV3D Experimental

You may use arrow key to move the character.
Character can be changed and camera view can be changed as well.
Space key for jump.

Ivy's nail spa

This is my wife's online portfolio. It's not complete yet. The site is totally done by FLASH. All the data is driven from database thru XML.

Array segment Experimental

Click LEFT or RIGHT to spin the tree.

Spring camera Experimental

PV3D Spring camera testing. By click any where in the movie the box shows up, you may upload your photo of facial and replce in 3D character's face.

SONY effects Experimental

Hold to mouse key to move the angle of camera. It may take some times to download the images.

PV3D modeling birthday card for a friend.

Simply the 3d Max modeling the character for my friend.

Physics engine Experimental

Click on screen to start the game. Many bugs still awaiting to be eliminated! ;)

PV3D Model

Simple models only.

The following links are some of my works from 2001~2005.
Links might broken due to projects deadline or server currently down.
Sorry for inconvenience.

SAMPO online campaign

Lexus 10 years anniversary

Q-baby 1

Q-baby 2


Abbott Nutrition

FOXCONN Motherboard Intro

Family Convenience Store

XML MP3 Album list