Quick Portfolio Demo

simple video player: The company still capable to use Flash Player internally. The customized can be done much faster within limited timeline.
Dynamic Activity: Activities build in Flash.
Accessibility content: Accessibility is a major concern while building the content. Includes alt tag, tab order, titles and layout.
Quiz 1: The quiz was building in combinations of HTML5/CSS/jQuery/js/XML etc.
Quiz 2: The result send to database and recorded.
3D simulation & scenarios: 3D modeling, rendering and scripting.
Video scenario: Continue from last page, click in each hotpot to solve and determine the problems.
Questions driven from XML: Continue from last page, All questions are driven from database through XML.
Communicate with backend database: Continue from last page, All results has recorded into database.
Visual design: Work with instruction designer and came up with layout for course content.
Dynamic content: Again, even the dynamic content has to concern with accessibility.
Dynamic content: Continue from last page.
Flash activity: Actionscript3/XML were used in this challenging quiz.
Dynamic content: Playing audio at the background when click on hotspots.
Animation: Creating hand drawing style in animation as supporting material.
HTML5/CSS/jQuery: Another example of dynamic contents.
Visual design: Some slides has less content. Discuss with instruction designer for visual support.
Dynamic content: Some contents has to work with both instruction designer and back-end engineer to pull out content from database dynamically.
Hand drawing movie: Freehand drawing with audio in some presentation.
Realtime 3D content: The content needs more strong attention so I used 3D effects for eye catching.
ICON design: Simple icon design with floating information.
Dynamic layout: Bilingual concern, some content has to use in both language. Using text is way faster then creating multiple images.
Drag & Drop acitvities: The activity content was driven from XML. Easier for maintenance and edits.
Cartoon style: Making illustration and clip arts for material support.
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